2020 Inwards opened the floor.

Gosha Hniu: objects, toys, percussion, cries and whispers, marching band kazoo / Ran Nahmias: silent cello, theremin / Maya Pik: synths, melodica, rocking chair, flute3 / Grundik Kasyansky: feedback synthesizer, objects / Amos Ungar: dulcimer, sampler / Tom Wheatley: double bass1,2,6,7 / Lior Lerman: cries and whispers1,5,6 / Maria Blatstein: piano2,5 / Andrea Serafino: drums1 / Yoni Silver: bass clarinet1. Radio interference7 by Jonathan Shohet and Matthias Moos.

Recorded in Cafe Oto Project Space on October 2017. Additional recordings throughout 2017-2019 in Givat Ha-Irusim, Israel and London, UK.

Artwork and inspiration by Danil Gertman. Lyrics are based on the poems by Arthur Molev. Recording, mix, mastering, design & production by Hniu.

Hugs to Ira Gluzman, Tsip Nahmias, David Pye, Zhenya Shmuter, Andrei Yusov, Tony Harris, Luba Tounkoun, Nigel Bewley, Artur Vidal, Joe Murray and Lee Etherington.

Brainwashed.com (Eve McGivern)
Concrete Islands (Gareth Thompson)
aLive Reports (Ioana Nica)
The Sleeping Shaman (Reza Mills)
Freq (Michael Rodham-Heaps)
Louder than war (Rhys Delany)
Rezultaty (Andrei Turusinov) in Russian
MusicMap (Manuel Maverna) in Italian
Densidad 20.25 (Sebastián Franco)
Monolith cocktail (Dominic Valvona)
Rocking.gr (Antonis Kalamoutsos) in Greek
Seeds from Sirius newsletter (Justin Patrick)
Loop (Guillermo Escudero) in Spanish