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hram1    mem2    chastity3     iordan4     het5     sages6     kadita7

dedicated to the memory of lev bomshtein

gosha hniu: percussion toys objects cries and whispers marching band kazoo ac. guitar1 3 5 7 shruti box1 3 6 mbira1 7 / maya pik: synths melodika2 3 6 7 percussion3 / ran nahmias: silent cello theremin3 6 / urik borodin - el.guitar violin2 5 7 / lior lerman: cries and whispers2 4 6 / george priymenko: ac.guitar6 7 silent cello5 percussion7 / grundik kasyansky: feedback4 5 brushes3 / andrei smourov: cries and whispers5

choir in hram: matthias moos, jonathan shohet, sabina tupan, tom shtasel, lior lerman and hniu

lyrics by arthur molev and lior lerman6

recorded in kadita on 2-3 november 2012
additional recordings throughout 2013-2015 in tel-aviv, givat ha-irusim, haifa and london
mixed & mastered in 2015 by hniu in london

packaging by hniu / photo by vika rashtov

big hugs to nina shtasel mishelmovich, shany birenboim, anat danziger, guns, galina and tim levin, nastya smourova, ira gerzon, luba tounkoun, kevin lemonnier, zhenya shmuter, dima sivov and those who sadly couldn’t make it to kadita in november 2012 - please come next time!

idwal fisher (leeds)
we need no swords (london)
tq zine (ovington)
doklands (coventry)
результаты / llac (arkhangelsk, in russian)
radio free midwich (leeds)
yeah i know it sucks (krakow)
unwashed territories / dandelion radio (liverpool)
tome to the weather machine (cincinnati)
mouser (los angeles)

available as self release on cd and cassette release on weakie discs records
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expedition1    tale2    propeller3     morning4     up!5     footprints6 orlangur's eyes7     shaggy spring time8     cheshire cat music9
russianbonus-1     tracesbonus-2     trumpet morningbonus-3

ig yu kun: guitar1 3-9 ac.guitar2 4 5 7 vocals1 3-9 bass1 harmonica5 9 sopilka7 percussion2 / gosha hniu: lyrics1 6 vocals1-9 darbuka1 4 6 7 congas7 lo drum7 shaker7 meat grinder2 green beetle2 ac.guitar1 recording and mixing1-9 / karl: bass1-9 ac.guitar1 4 6 9 / avenir snyatkov: lyrics1-5 7-9 / yura stolov: guitar2 6 ac.guitar1 / lev bomshtein: drums1 3 5 8 sheker1 / serg: drums4 7 9 / enbal shmuel: sax1 3 5 / david sisitel: trumpet8

produced by hniu in haifa in septermber 1999 / remastered in london 10 years later

mumidol.ru (russian)
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guests1    turi-yuri2    niar tsal3     maldives4     forest5     ...6
beast came7     offering8     tribute9     te-te-teh10     traces11

gosha hniu: cries and whispers percussion toys cymbals and objects ac.guitar1 2 5 10 / ig yu kun: el.guitar1 5 8 9 ac.guitar3 4 7 9 cl.guitar4 7 bass4 9 chorus9 / timurti: hang5 sax2 flutes3 10 berimbau7 10 vargan10 harmonica3 wooden ocarina3 / paul turrel: bass1 10 11 kit2 piano8 / guillaume viltard: double bass1 3 7 8 / urik borodin: viola1 7 9 cl.guitar9 chorus9 / yura stolov: bass2 5 guitar-9511 / seth jackson: chorus4

lyrics by andrei smourov1 3 5 10 avenir snyatkov1 4 7 11 hniu1 2 10 arthur molev10 amos tutuola1 8 and howling wolf9

packaging and facade by ira gerzon and dima sivov / produced by hniu in haifa and london 2007-2010

foxy digitalis / tome to the weather machine (english)
rock_club_il (russian)
wtfmusic.org (english)
mmarshup (french)
audioversity (english)

songs appeared on singles: onelegged2007 / the wall of trunks, the grumbling of leaves I'M THICKET2008

CD2010front.jpg CD2010back.jpg CD2010cd.jpg CD2010crds.jpg

forest on mount carmel 21/04/2006:
CD2010front.jpg CD2010back.jpg CD2010cd.jpg CD2010crds.jpg CD2010fragment.jpg AFront.jpg credits.jpg credits2.jpg guests.jpg